Waiting for Jack

Hey everyone! My name’s Megan, but a lot of people here on Tumblr would sooner identify me as pandawentz.tumblr.com! Today, I’m bringing all you Beckett and TAI fans a teeny little surprise; a giveaway!

I ordered one of William’s pre-order packages for the Walk the Talk release, which came with a whole bunch of nifty prizes, including this “You Never Give Up” rubber bracelet. The only thing is, I’m not really into the over-sized rubber bracelet thing, so I decided to just give it away to somebody that does! This is also my first ever giveaway, so I’m pretty excited about that. :D

There are a few rules I’d like you all to follow:

  • One like only
  • Up to ten reblogs a day
  • You don’t HAVE to be following me, but I greatly appreciate it if you do! :3
  • I only ship to locations in the United States
  • I’ll be informing the winner through their ask box, so PLEASE make sure it’s open!
  • No using side accounts to enter yourself extra times. If I see you doing this, I will NOT ship it to you, even if you win on your main blog!

And that’s it! I’ll be ending the giveaway May 10th, and will ship it out as soon as I recieve the winner’s address.
Have fun, and good luck!
Note: I am not associated with William Beckett, The Academy Is…, or Fueled By Ramen/Yike Records, as much as I wish I was!
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